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stop viruses earth flooding and global warming now

The flooding of the earth will soon be a thing of the past


Rev Willie W. Truitt has a patent-pending system that will keep the virus in the tundra permafrost frozen and that will refreeze the warm-water level of the north and south pole, the warm water is what melts the glacier. The system will make ice cubes and put it into giant thermal bags and close them, so if the ice should melt the water would stay inside the bag and never become part of the water that is flooding the earth again. 

The system will also make snow to cover the bags and ground; the snow will help keep the temperature cold and restore the habitat of the animals that depend on it. The arctic adds 14,000 tons of water to the oceans per second, this is the same water that is flooding the farmlands all over the earth and this will soon cause a permanent food shortage for mankind and animals all over the earth. The system will be pumping the melted glacier water through a special filter that will keep out fish eggs and other small sea life; the water will come through a special electrically heated pipe/hose, turn a blade on a shaft of an electric generator, and then the water will be pushed pass another blade on the shaft of another electric generator. Both of them and the photovoltaic electric solar panels will make electricity to operate the system. 

The system will pump the water through a sediment filter, a saltwater desalination system, a UV purification system, a ozone system, a reverse osmosis system, and a quality control system before the water can be used to make ice cubes, that a conveyor/auger will put the ice into giant thermal bags, the outside of the bags have a sun light-reflective cover to help stop the ice from melting. The system is similar to a hovercraft, but this system has retractable wheels that can be pulled up off the ground when they are not needed, especially when the system is moving over water, snow, swamps, ice and etc. The system will have propeller blades on top and under the bottom to raise the system above the earth, water, snow, swamps and etc. The system will also have propeller blades on top rear to push the system forward and or backward.

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